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Buffalo Octoberfest Marks 35th Year

Rocky Point Farm of Kenna provided horse power to the delight of youngsters at the Octoberfest.

The weather exceeded expectations with afternoon temperatures climbing into the mid 60’s on Saturday, October 21, to make Buffalo’s Octoberfest the place to be for both fun seekers and gift shoppers.

Activities included a petting zoo, inflatables, pony rides, carriage rides, and apple butter making. The festival featured a variety of vendors, handmade crafts, seasonal offerings, antiques, flea market items, carnival-style and homecooked food.

The petting zoo was provided by Campbell Family Farm and Animal Encounters. The Buffalo Octoberfest is the shortest journey of the year for the Campbell Family Farm which is located on 18 Mile Creek Road. Apple butter maker Mama Mae’s is from Hurricane. This was Mama Mae’s first time at the Buffalo Octoberfest. Mama Mae’s has been producing apple butter and freeze dried candies for five years. Special orders are available through Facebook. Wagon rides were by Rocky Point Farm in Kenna.

The Buffalo Octoberfest was started 35 years ago by Dick Howard who operated the old Buffalo Shopping Center. Today, the event continues under his granddaughter, Jessica Coulson.

Chris Hodges gets help from a young volunteer in stirring a batch of Mama Mae’s applebutter.
Campbell Family Farm critters enjoy encounters of the human kind.
Octoberfest visitors had plentiful choices.
Visitors enjoyed the wide variety of offerings on Saturday at Buffalo.
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