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Costumed Wheelchair Provides Halloween Treat in Western Hills

Eric Stone, Dee Stone, Sebastian Tucker and Rodney Tucker dressed up as members of the band KISS for Halloween this year.

Sebastian Tucker and his family celebrated Halloween by dressing up as members of the iconic rock band KISS and going trick or treating in Hurricane’s Western Hills neighborhood. The son of Rodney Tucker and Cindy Woodall of Hurricane, Sebastian is a thirteen-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around. His father wanted to create a costume which would incorporate Sebastian’s wheelchair, and began work in July on the project. Rodney bought a set of drums and cymbals with the idea that the bass drum would fit over the front of the wheelchair. The bass drum was too small, so he repurposed a cylindrical form used in manufacture of a concrete base for the drum. Rodney’s brother-in-law, Blaine Hanning, helped with the construction, with Rodney doing all of the painting.

This last Tuesday, the big day arrived and it was time for Sebastian to take to the streets for Hurricane’s trick or treat night. After Sebastian was seated in his chair and a few last-minute adjustments made, Sebastian and his family were on their way around the neighborhood, enjoying the sights and sounds of Halloween.

“Every kid should have a fun night trick or treating, regardless of disability,” Rodney stated.

Sebastian’s family has always tried to make Halloween an enjoyable experience for him. One year, he went trick or treating as a firefighter with his wheelchair decorated as a firetruck. He has also trick or treated as Batman.

In recent years, wheelchair costumes have become more common for Halloween, anime and comic conventions, cosplay events, and other occasions where dressing up is encouraged. Decking out a wheelchair with a matching theme is more challenging than just donning a costume. A search on Amazon for wheelchair costumes will produce props which make a wheelchair user look as though they are driving sports cars or spaceships. Rolling Buddies, a company which specializes in wheelchair costumes, offers a wide variety of fanciful designs for children and adults. Disney and Target also offer decorations for wheelchairs, as well as adaptive costumes.

While prefabricated costumes make great options for wheelchair users who want to dress up, they fall far short of the KISS drum set that Rodney made for Sebastian.

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