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Upper Vandalia Historical Society Members Share Local History

Jaynetta Walden gave a presentation on frontier foods during the meeting.

The Upper Vandalia Historical Society, Putnam County’s primary history organization, met on Sunday, October, 29, at the Bancroft Church of God Mission. The meeting had a roundtable theme, with members discussing a variety of topics pertaining to the history of the county.

Terry McCallister showed the group a panoramic photograph of the 1913 reunion of Confederate veterans which was held in Huntington. This historic event was attended by many Civil War veterans from Putnam County.

Sue McKeever of Leon brought a book of photographs and an informational booklet which had been prepared for the 166th anniversary of the Historical Square Community Church in Buffalo (formerly the Buffalo Presbyterian Church). The booklet discussed the history of the church over the years since its dedication on August 22, 1857. Sue also brought a collection of ornate vintage brooches dating from the 1800’s to the modern day. One of the brooches, which was made of cinnabar, came from China and was packaged in its original case.

Judy Bayliss of Bancroft displayed several antique devices, such as hair clippers, an alcohol powered iron, and a colonial era ruffler which was used to make ruffles in collars.

Using a large map of Putnam County, Hotch Parkins of Poca discussed the various school districts in the county, as well as the history of Poca High School. Poca High recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, with the Class of 2023 being the 100th class to graduate from the school.

A historical reenactor for over forty years, Jaynetta Walden of Poca dressed in frontier era clothing and gave a presentation on the foods that the early settlers would have used in the winter or on the trail. She discussed methods of food preservation, such as drying, smoking, pickling, and corning. Her presentation featured a table filled with various examples of dried vegetables, jerkies, grains, seeds, and nuts. She also discussed the clothing and societal conventions of colonial times.

The Upper Vandalia Historical Society meets four times a year to discuss Putnam County and local history. Anyone who has an interest in local history and trivia is invited to attend meetings. For more information about the Upper Vandalia Historical Society, visit http://cclark8399.wix.com/uppervandalia

Sue McKeever brought a booklet about the history ofthe Historical Square Community Church in Buffalo, as well as part of her antique brooch collection.
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