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Centennial History of Hurricane: Hurricane Area Organizations: Chapter No. 116 Order of the Eastern Star

Eastern Star, 1952-53

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. The publication included the histories of 7 Hurricane civic organization. This week’s selection is the 2nd of the these histories which were published in 1988.

Submitted by Ella Shade, Secretary

On the evening of September 30, 1927, Mrs. Kate Gates, Associated Grand Matron; and Mr. D. H. Gates, Past Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star, met with members of various Chapters of the Order, and prospective members, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Draper, 2711 Main Sc., Hurricane. The purpose was to ascertain the desires of Master Masons and their eligible relatives residing in Hurricane, and community, to establish a new Chapter in Hurricane.

A petition for a dispensation to the Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of West Virginia, Order of the Eastern Star, was presented with the names of those desirous of becoming members of the order.

Having petitioned the Grand Chapter, on October 28, 1927, a meeting was held in the Masonic Hall on Putnam Avenue for the purpose of instituting the Chapter. William Postlethwait, Worthy Grand Patron, presided, and the meeting was attended by Kate Gates, Associate Grand Matron; Anna Hoffman, Grand Secretary, and members of other Chapters.

Initiated as Charter Members were – Lula Ackman, Mary Bias, Harriet Draper, Eva Chapman, Virginia Ellis, Vernie Erwin, Flossie Foster, Emma Garrett, Marie Garrett, Helen McCann, Nannie McCann, Elizabeth Roberman, Kathryn Roper, Lillian Smith, Doris Sovine, Dorothy Tallman, Luella Tallman, Virginia McCann, Nina Taylor, Maude Thompson, Ercyl Wheeler, Lula Withrow, William Draper, Homer Erwin, Guy Foster, James Garrett, Walter Garrett, Worlie McCann, Harold Smith, George Queen, George Sowards, Ira Tallman, Lloyd Taylor, Grover Thompson, and Myner Wheeler.

The officers selected to govern the Chapter were installed, and Hurricane Chapter regularly instituted. On October 3, 1928 the Chapter was chartered as Hurricane Chapter No. 116 and continued to meet in the Masonic Hall on Putnam Ave. In February 1973, the Chapter began to meet in the beautiful, new Masonic Hall on Adams Ave. It has been an integral part of the community and contributes to many worthy charities.

Several of the Chapter members have been honored to hold Grand Chapter offices. J. Curtis Van Dyke was elected and served as Worthy Grand Patron in 1967-68, and Sammie E. Cole was elected and served as Worthy Grand Patron in 1984-85; each having served, by election, as Grand Sentinel and Associated Grand Patron. Also, by appointment, Gladys Ellis, Grand Organist; Lucille Van Dyke, Grand Adah; and Barbara Cole, Grand Organist. Appointed as Grand Representatives were Doris Sovine, Lucille Van Dyke, Olga Selan, Helen Baxter, Mary Henson and Chester Elswick.

Those who have served as Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons of the Chapter are:

Worthy Matron/Worthy Patron
1927-28 Kathryn Roper/James Garrett
1928-29 Kathryn Roper/James Garrett
1929-30 Elizabeth Roberman/Worlie McCann
1930-31 Harriet Draper/Worlie McCann
1931-32 Doris Sovine/William Draper
1932-33 Helen McCann/William Thompson
1933-34 Dorothy Tallman/Oscar Campbell
1934-35 Lula Withrow/Oscar Campbell
1935-36 Jean Wilkerson/William Thompson
1936-37 Marie Spurlock/William Thompson
1937-38 Mae Penick/Louise Templeton
1938-39 Worlie McCann/William Thompson
1939-40 Irene Cannon/William Thompson
1940-41 Ruth Thompson/William Thompson
1941-42 Opal Leake/Warner Leake
1942-43 Anna Woodworth/Warner Leake
1943-44 Carrie Jordan/Warner Leake
1944-45 Reid Jordan/Warner Leake
1945-46 Lula Withrow/George Sowards
1946-47 Lula Withrow/George Sowards
1947-48 Irene Alexander/ Bernard Gerlach
1948-49 Mary Bowles/ George Sowards
1949-50 Amanda Draper/ James Thompson
1950-51 Eloise Thompson/ James Thompson
1951-52 Verna Montgomery/George Sowards
1952-53 Juanita Henson/ George Sowards
1953-54 Carrie Cummings/George Sowards
1954-55 Cleo White/Clarence Adkins
1955-56 Betty Handley/Clarence Adkins
1956-57 Gladys Ellis/Clarence Adkins
1957-58 Anna Shriver/ J. Curtis Van Dyke
1958-59 Edith Gothard/James Gothard
1959-60 Ellen Brand/Karl Brand
1960-61 Lucille Van Dyke/J. Curtis Van Dyke
1961-62 Gladys Hartman/Robert Baxter
1962-63 Ola Bias/Robert Smith
1963-64 Elaine Buckalew/J. Curtis Van Dyke
1964-65 Ruth Ellis/Harold Ellis
1965-66 Olga Selan/Paul Selan
1966-67 Mabel Hartley/Walter Wade
1967-68 Helen Baxter/Clarence Casto
1968-69 Roberta DeHainaut/Firman DeHainaut
1969-70 Ella Shade/ Thomas Vannatter
1970-71 Betty Hunt/Maynard Hunt
1974-72 Nina Chancey/Gary Chancey
1972-73 Mary Henson/Thomas Vannatter
1943-74 Bertha Sowards/J. Curtis Van Dyke
1974-75 Velva Krebs/Major Walker
1975-76 Dolly McCallister/Gary Chancey
1976-77 Judy Billups/William Painter
1977-78 Elizabeth Walker/Major Walker
1978-79 Zelma Lowson/Sammie Cole
1979-80 Loretta Bowles/J. Curtis Van Dyke
1980-81 Catherine Weiskircher/William Painter
1981-82 Barbara Cole/Sammie Cole
1982-83 Colleen Lawson/Sammie Cole
1983-84 Kathryn Ball/Chester Elswick
1984-85 Janet Whitten/William Whitten
1985-86 Bettye Elswick/Chester Elswick
1986-87 Barbara Cole/Sammie Cole
1987-88 Goldie Erskine/William Whitten

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