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The Centennial History of Hurricane: Hurricane Area Organizations: PUTNAM LODGE I.O.O.F. 295

In 1988, The Centennial History of Hurricane, WV was published to commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary. The publication included the histories of 7 Hurricane civic organization. This week’s selection is the 7th and last of the these histories which were published in 1988.

Submitted by H.C. Graham

The Putnam Lodge I.O.O.F. 295 was instituted August 27, 1906. The trustees were: F.W. Pierce, D.W. Harbour, W.J. Matthews, R.H. Sumner, W.E. Pullen and T.E. Allen.

The Lodge members purchased Lot #6 and building on From Street (Main Street) on March 10, 1921, from A.N. Sumner. The property had originally belonged to Dr. L.C. Morrison and wife, Hattie M. Dorsey Morrison, daughter of Mayor R.V. Dorsey.

Trustees for the property were F.W. Pierce, H.F. Henson and LL. Litton. In 1927, the facility was enlarged with a second story which was used by the Lodge and the downstairs was used for storefronts. Those having businesses at this location have been: A.N. Sumner, L.O. Hodges, Harold Satterfield, Roscoe Mitchell, Walter Clark, Rodney Linville, Wayne Robertson and presently Donna Ball.

On June 15, 1908, the Knights of Pythias Lodge was chartered with the following members: Frank W. Pierce, H.L. Burton, C.D. Conner, B.L. Byers, LO. Hodges, B.F. Spurlock, Boyd Harbour, Wade Kirtley, Charles H. Benedict, J.R. Arnold, M.L. Dunfee, W.S. Searls, W.H. Henderson, W.E. Hodges, H.A. Sovine, J.H. Bridgeman, J.M. Dunfee, C.L. Mynes, C.W. Lavender, LL. Burdette, Walter Foster, C.S. Searls, W.T. Riddle, W.F. Martin, E. Estes, and L.O. Taylor.

On February 24, 1922, the K. of P. Lodge purchased half of the Lot and Building from 1.O.O.F. 295.

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