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CANDIDATE FILING HAS ENDED: Board of Education, Circuit Judge, and Magistrate Contested

Filings for office in the last week have produced increased choices for voters in the May 14th Primary. The non-partisan ballot will feature three contested races which will elect two members to the Board of Education, one magistrate and one circuit judge. Only one candidate filed for Magistrate Div. 1, Magistrate Div. 2, Circuit Court Judge Div. 2, Family Court Judge, and Conservation District Supervisor. Those candidates are unopposed and will be elected. Incumbent magistrates Linda Hunt and Jean Luikart will be re-elected to 4-year terms. Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Joseph Reeder and incumbent Family Court Judge Rick Witt will be re-elected to 8-year terms. Michael Wolpert will be elected Conservation District Supervisor to a 4-year term.

When the votes are tallied, the Board of Education candidate with the highest count in Districts 1 and 3 will be elected to 4-year terms. Board candidates are Christian Wells – District 1; Chuck Hatfield – District 3; Jacob Fertig – District – 1, Theresa ‘Tess’ Jackson – District 3; and Paul Sowards – District 3. Candidates for Circuit Judge Div. 1 are Jon Hoover and Phillip Stowers. Larry Wingo, Eric Whitney and Sarah Weaver are seeking election to the Magistrate Div. 3 office which was formerly held by Kylene Dunlap Brown.

All voters choosing a Republican ballot will have the opportunity to vote for County Clerk Brian Wood. Wood is seeking to become the Republican candidate in the November General Election for West Virginia Secretary of State. Wood is one of four Republicans seeking Secretary of State candidacy.

The only partisan races which will be decided by Putnam voters alone are Republican candidacy for House of Delegates Dictrict 19 and House of Delegate District 20. District 19 features Kathie Hess Crouse versus Debbie Deweese. District 20 pits Sarah Drennan against Jacob Losh.

The full list of Putnam filings follows:

Non-Partisan Filings
Board of Education
Christian Wells – District 1; Chuck Hatfield – District 3; Jacob Fertig – District – 1, Theresa ‘Tess’ Jackson – District 3; Paul Sowards – District 3

Conservation District Supervisor
Michael Wolpert
Magistrate – Div. 1
Linda Hunt
Magistrate – Div. 2
Jean Luikart
Magistrate – Div. 3
Larry Wingo
Eric Whitney
Sarah Weaver
Circuit Judge – Div. 1
Jon Hoover
Phillip Stowers
Circuit Judge – Div. 2
Joseph Reeder
Family Court Judge
Rick Witt

Partisan Filings
County Commission
Andy Skidmore [R]
Bobbie Eggleton [R]
Prosecuting Attorney
Kris Raynes [R]
Gary Warner [R]

State Senate (4th)
Amy Nichole Grady [R]
Dwayne Russell [D]
State Senate (8th)
Glenn Jeffries [R]
House of Delegates Dist. 19
Kathie Hess Crouse [R]
Debbie Deweese [R]
House of Delegates Dist. 20
Sarah Drennan [R]
Jacob Losh [R]
Steve Patrick [D]
House of Delegates Dist. 21
Jarred Cannon [R]
Michael Mosteller [D]

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