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Local Girl Scouts Receive Top Honor For Community Service Project

Pictured are members of Girl Scout Troop 1038 with J.P. Owens (left rear) and Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards.

Girl Scout Troop 1038 received the Bronze Award (highest possible) for their community service project to help make Hurricane City Park a more beautiful place. The girls designed and painted three trash receptacles which they placed at the sprayground, the basketball court, and the skate park at the Park.

The girls and local artist J.P. Owens who supervised the project presented the scouts’ works of art to Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards at City Park on Wednesday, April 10th.

The receptacle placed at the sprayground featured an UFO spraying beams of light upon a campfire. The basketball receptacle used a heart-shaped basketball to depict the love for the game. The skate park receptacle utilized a helmet-wearing skeleton showing off his skateboarding skills.

The girl scouts placed placed this trash receptacle at the sprayground.
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