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Public Asked to Review Proposed Comprehensive Plan

The Putnam County Commission relies upon an official Comprehensive Plan to provide guidance in making land-use decisions for all areas in the county. The Plan is updated every ten years. 2024 is the tenth year and the proposed revised plan is posted on the Putnam County Planning and Infrastructure website at https://putnamcountywv.gov/planning-and-infrastructure

The 81-page document describes areas in which Putnam County excels and areas in which improvements are needed. One of the stated goals of the plan is to protect and preserve the character of existing neighborhoods. A second stated goal is to bring more economic development to areas outside of Hurricane, Teays Valley and Scott Depot. Economic development does not protect and preserve. Economic development brings changes which will, hopefully, improve the quality of life for many, many more than it hurts.

Development brings inconveniences (more traffic and traffic lights) and conveniences (close by restaurants and entertainment venues).

Earlier this year, the residents of Fraziers Bottom opposed the Putnam County Commission’s approval of a change which could allow for a large distribution center to locate on a parcel which had been previously limited to suburban commercial use. The Commission, in unanimously approving the zoning change, stated that the quality of life would be improved for far more individuals than would be adversely affected. If the distribution center becomes a reality, the quality of life will be forever impacted for the Fraziers Bottom neighborhood.

Does the proposed new Comprehensive Plan do what Putnam County residents want done? The Putnam County Office of Planning and Infrastructure will be accepting public comments relative to the updated plan through Friday, May 10th, 2024. Again, the plan is posted at the Putnam County Planning and Infrastructure website. The revised draft of “Comprehensive Plan 2024 – Bridging to the Future” will come before the County Commission for approval on Thursday, May 16th.

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