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Wild Wonderful Winfield Watersports Weekend

Racers vie for position in the Beginners Competition at the Winfield Bridge on Saturday, June 8th.

The Kanawha River became quite a busy place this past Friday and Saturday when the 2024 Winfield Watersports Weekend brought kayakers and stand up paddleboarders to the water. Several of the participants even brought their dogs along for the fun, allowing their furry friends to ride with them in kayaks or pulled along behind on a separate stand up paddleboard.

The main activity for Friday was a sunset float on the river, which allowed participants to preview the course for the 5K float which would be held the following morning. Those who had never tried stand up paddleboarding before were able to learn the basics of the aquatic sport with beginner lessons instructed by the Appalachian Boarding Company.

Saturday’s activities started out with a 5K float to Winfield High School and back. Youth and beginner races were held that afternoon, followed by a rubber duck race to benefit the Backpack Buddies program. Ducks were $5 a piece, and a total of 77 ducks were in the race. The last big event of the day was the Paddle Royale challenge.

Winners of the competitions won cash prizes.

Winners of the beginner race were Carter Young with First Place; Jenna Luikart with Second Place; and Sean Sigman with Third Place.

Winners of the youth race were Helen Casto with First Place; Sophie Young with Second Place; and Eleanor Casto with Third Place.

The winner of the lucky duck race was Greg Peters.

The Winfield Watersports Weekend is hosted by the Appalachian Boarding Company and the City of Winfield.

Greg Peters’ dog, Arlo, was in a class by himself
Youth Division competitors complete their first lap of their race.
A total of 77 plastic fowl hit the water in the rubber duck race.
The winning duck was No. 61.
The Winfield Watersports Emergency Services Rescue crew recovered every rubber duck.
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