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Eleanor Library Serves as Rocket-Making Workshop and Launch Pad

4-H Extension Agent Raechel Neal looks on as Maddox Akers launches a rocket of his own manufacture.

Children had a blast making rockets at the Eleanor Library last Thursday, June 13. Raechel Neal, Putnam County 4-H Agent, demonstrated the art of rocket making using rolled up tubes of construction paper which tapered to a close at the top and had triangular tails on the bottom.

After the rockets were completed, Neal took the children outside so that they could launch their rockets from the library lawn. The rocket tubes were placed on a contraption made of pipe with a pop bottle at one end. By stomping on the bottle, the rocket would be propelled upwards by the force of air flowing through the pipes. Neal and library workers would blow up each bottle with air after use. The children were asked to name their rockets before liftoff.

Neal says that rockets are her favorite STEM project. At least sixty children participated in the activity, making it one of the largest evens ever held at the library.

Children show off their rockets. Shown above are Harleigh Paxton from Hometown, 4-H Extension Agent Raechel Neal, and Maddox Akers from Fraziers Bottom.
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