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Playin’ Opossum Appalachian Music Festival at Valley Park

Mikele Buck was the last performer of the evening at the Playin’ Opossum Music Festival.

The Playin’ Opossum Appalachian Music Festival was held on Saturday, June 22, at Valley Park in Hurricane. The festival featured three different stages – the main stage in front of the convention center, a bluegrass/folk stage at the large shelter, and a jam stage at the red barn near the entrance of the park where anyone could participate. The event featured all day entertainment, with the first acts starting at noon and the last one ending at 9 p.m.

The main entertainers were Aristotle Jones, Bent Whiskey, Ducain, Kate Boytek, and Mikele Buck.

Featured performers on the bluegrass/folk stage included Appalachian Lasses, Hillbilly Tradition, History Alive! with Minnie Reed, and West Virginia Storyteller W. I. “Bill” Harston.

In addition to the various musical artists and entertainers, over forty vendors set up shop in the convention center, and several food trucks provided refreshments to festivalgoers.

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